Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beach Wedding Cupcakes

Gill & Jason are customers turned friends of mine since 3-4 years back! They are 2 very cute & fun people to talk to :) They wanted an outdoor wedding by the beach and have been planning for this since last year! The venue they've chosen is simply beautiful! So nice I have to share!

The stage

Tables & chairs not yet laid & covered with cloth (raining)

love the treeeees!

the view...... (note: the gloomy sky)

more views


They wanted cupcakes to be replace their wedding cake and trust me, I am so honoured & excited to do this order because I've been wanting to do it for a while now!! Theme is beach... and here goes:

It's 5-tiered. We actually set it by the stage. After half hour and near completion, I felt the thing I worst fear - raindrops! I screamed to hubs for umbrella and he came back with a green not-big-enough umbrella for the cupcakes. Now, at that point, I felt teary... Luckily, 4 guys came, lifted the table and moved them to safety. It would have been perfect! Worse is... I did not manage to take much picture while it was by the stage. Here's a few to share:

Then the rain came and into the canopy we go:

the wedding couple - gill & jason

their very cute puppies - who will be the ring bearer

sandy cupcakes


and the cupcakes are surrounded by the sea!

voila! the final product :)

The table provided was just nice for the cupcakes....

Congratulations Gill & Jason!

Irish Wedding Cuppies

Christine who saw my previous post on Irish Cupcakes found it to be the perfect theme for her cousin who's marrying an Irish! So, she requested for me to make a WEDDING Irish theme! Here goes!

(the leprechaun with pointy ears)

(the newly weds)